Of Our Remnants

Introduction, Carrie Powell, 2015

Stepping out into the light filled world when each moment was collected to avoid the darkness.  Pretending that this day is like all others, that this day is no different in weight, timbre, breathe.  All done under the haze of false feelings and desire.

 Let’s eat cake and all will be swallowed. Hide then seek out the world some other time. How to go about this day when all that was seems corralled into life before, now life after, is an unknown beginning.

 Even in the steady practice of avoidance you are present.

 Taking a walk back to the former reality is vast. All sounds exist in their similar places where they are expected to be. The whole of everything remains the same on the surface, while all changed in the spaces between things. In that space the edge of light and dark meet, and at those edges bodies that aren’t always felt, thought, or seen-are.