Piles, an exploration of beauty in the mundane

pile stitch

I am interested in the shape and form that clothing make, both when it thinly hangs and drapes in a closet and when patterns and textures collide in piles that are waiting to be folded and put away. Clothing piles have been a long standing visual interest for me, but have become a predominant source of inspiration since becoming a mother. I can vividly remember the first few months of parenting, feeling like the piles of clothes could morph and multiply exponentially. Now a few years deep into parental routines I am issuing a declaration for creative routines even in the act of “doing laundry”, hence this website as a container for the ongoing expressions in all of my domains.

Both laundry and art are essential tasks in creating a functional home environment. Laundry is a cooperative act in the washing, and predominately is folded, sorted, and put away by me. The motions may be tedious but my perception has become a vantage point, a place to see beyond the mundane presentation of the tangible object into another world where art is made out of the monotony. This excites me.

Seeking an antidote to the commonplace activities of living in the midst of motherhood is compelling to me. Each of my roles: mother, artist, collaborator, healer, therapist, etc can seed inspiration to another. There is reciprocity. This is nourishing the many facets of my identity. Superimposing new insights and ways to be present within each process.